Design of an office and hall

This project was about creating an office for my client, a doctor, that she would enjoy spending time in. The key was to create a modern and professional look, where she could receive patients with pride. The space also needed to provide a place to relax or hold a meeting.

The twist? The space has access to a small garden that is used for summer meals. The office was therefore also to be a place for guests to pass through. The sofa bed and the creation of a small shower make it both a practical and very modern professional office, which can, in the future, be used as a small, almost independent living space.

We also redesigned the entrance hall, bringing in a lot of modernity and above all, storage space!

In short.

The request: create a modern multi-use office space and lobby

Styles: Scandinavian and industrial modernist mix

Type of project: interior design

Année: 2021


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