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Les Décovores is first and foremost the story of a passionate young woman who dreamed of being in charge of her professional destiny. At the heart of her initiative: the conviction that interior design is a means of expressing one’s values and personality, and the desire to contribute to this for her clients. 

Les Décovores offers interior design services, support and advice for all those who want to express their personality and values in their home, in and around Brussels, Belgium.


Here’s my story.

Interior design as an escape

My history with interior design must have started quite early, when I used to imagine spaces while lying in bed. I would end up sitting with a notebook in my hands, drawing floorplans. Unlike many other interior designers, however, I did not follow this inclination, and graduated with a master’s degree in political science in 2018. Then, a first disappointing professional experience in consultancy, but which allowed me to rent my first flat. Which, of course, I had to decorate. And then, a revelation.

Disappointed by this tasteless job, I started evening classes, which lasted three years. Designing spaces was an accessory, like an escape from my daily life… but soon became essential to me.

Interior design as a dream

As I develop my skills, my passion grows. I discover with stars in my eyes professional fairs where my curiosity is fed. I am fascinated by the history of art and the great names in design. I have several ideas: am I going to open a design shop? Or launch services? Maybe should I start with an internship? Should I quit my job and become a decorating saleswoman?

None of this. So I’m working as a project manager in a local authority, which is an experience related to my university studies. And then I have associations on the side, in which I am involved. Clearly I need to make more room for what is increasingly becoming a vocation.


Interior design as project

I graduated at the beginning of 2020 as an interior designer and was running out of excuses. I’d have to take the plunge. It’s risky. I have rent to pay, and would I really dare to blow it all? I’m a pragmatist, I calculate the risks. Suddenly, I get a golden offer: a scholarship for a PhD in political science at the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB).

It’s not about interior design, no. But it’s a dream opportunity to combine my activities, by organising my time more independently. Not to mention the fact that I am also passionate about research. So 2021 will be the year of change. It’s time: while I leave my stable salaried job to join the ranks of the ULB’s scientific corps, I officially start my independent activity as an interior designer. My first clients were friends and family. I’m off and running. Let’s pedal! No more small wheels, I am definitely in balance.


…a project lead by values !


I believe in craftsmanship, in the quality of artistic know-how and in the capacity of human beings to create authentic things, both useful and beautiful. I believe in true relationships, in unfailing honesty. I am also aware of how difficult it is to always follow one’s values, and how we are always obliged to compromise. What counts, in my opinion, is to always remain true to your intentions.


At the heart of my activities is the conviction that we must respect nature, and people, in everything we do. This is not always obvious: technical solutions are not always available or accessible. But having sustainability at heart is above all a promise to ask the right questions and to make informed choices in this area, both as a company and as a citizen.


Is there any interior design project without a deep love of beauty? Aesthetics is not about following a trend just because it is a trend, but about rediscovering the ability to marvel at the beauty of our environment on a daily basis. It’s about creating a space that feels like us, to feel good, in tune, aligned. Beauty generates emotions in us that are not only related to the useful or the rational. It is important to find a balance between these different needs.

Personalised services

Now you know a little more about me, my values and my dreams! Are you ready to get to work? I offer services grouped into three categories: personal coaching, interior design and decorating workshops. Discover them by clicking on the category that interests you.

Personalised support services include the coaching and interior design consulting services I offer. They work on the basis of clear and precise packages. They are also available as gift vouchers.

Do you have a room, or even more, that clearly needs a makeover? Would you like the help of a professional decorator to complete your project? With the help of my moodboards, plans and sketches, I will build the project of your dreams for you.

“Taking part in an interior design workshop means putting the collective to work on your project. Whether you want to learn more about decorating (via thematic workshops) or ask concrete questions about your project (collective workshops), join others like you in a friendly and enriching activity!

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