Home of Design – Counter design (shop & café)

Alexandra and Even have opened a sublime Scandinavian design shop, Home of Design, in October 2021. Located at 1362A chaussée de Waterloo (Uccle), the store offers furniture, decoration and carpets, all in a warm atmosphere. Customers can even have a good cup of coffee.

My role in all this?

I had the chance to contribute to the success of their magnificent initiative by designing the counter in the centre of the space. The challenge? To provide both a coffee area and a sales area in a single piece of furniture in a natural style that would highlight the style of the items on sale. I therefore designed a pine counter, open and rounded. It was made by Woodchips based on my plans and 3D. We also designed a small niche behind the counter. At the same time, I also advised Alexandra on how to set up the different spaces. I also helped with the installation of the products before the opening.

A great success, especially as the counter is visible from the outside and attracts the eye of passers-by!

Photos of the counter

In short.

The request: design of a counter and support in setting up the shop

Styles: Scandinavian design

Type of project: bespoke service – furniture design and advice

Year: 2021


Extracts from the technical drawings

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