Loft X Riad – Conversion of a loft into a flat

This project of fitting out a beautiful flat in a large loft has a particular importance for me, as it is my final work as an achi/interior designer student. I wanted to emphasise the industrial aspect of the space, in line with my love for the built environment and the existing, but with a special nuance. At the time, it was the spirit of the Moroccan riad that I wanted to bring to the fore. The drawings also give pride of place to this inspiration.

I also fell in love with the colours of the fabrics used by Kenzo Takada for the ‘hiru’ composition of the Mah Jong sofa. With its warm colours, I had a composition of vivid and surprising colours, which contrasts with the cold aspect sometimes found in lofts.

I was the one who came up with the aesthetic constraints for this project, so it is a facet of my design work. I am still proud of it, even after several years. I would change things, of course, but not the strong atmosphere that I love so much.

In short.

The request: create a complete living space in a loft

Styles: industrial and riad

Type of project: interior design

Year: 2021


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