Renovating an Art Deco apartment

This project, realised as a duet with Marta Pagiaro from Bianco Design is the product of a beautiful reflection around the historical elements of the flat. Located in an area that was built up during the 1930s, it is a perfect example of typical Brussels architecture: three rooms in a row.

The challenge: to make it a functional space, with a new kitchen, brand new sanitary facilities, a nice office space that could be a guest room if needed. In short: the dream for a young owner who wants to create a space in which she would feel comfortable.

For this design, I was very strongly inspired by the beautiful off-white and black marble fireplace in the current office. So we reproduced this lined pattern in several places in the project, to connect the space at different points.

In terms of the layout, it was especially important to be ingenious in providing sufficiently large sanitary facilities while leaving the necessary space for the kitchen – the heart of the flat. The choice of creating a ‘hidden’ door in the kitchen cabinet was therefore an obvious one. 

In short.

The request: offer a new layout, create sanitary facilities, a new kitchen and adapted living spaces

Styles: Art deco and industrial

Type of project: interior design

Year: 2022


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